SPOTlight on Security is a speaker series workshop that shines light on Safeguarding Professional  / Personal assets from Ongoing Threats. The event is intended to be a series event to promote women in security and provide an educational platform to educate participants from various companies.

This kick-off event, Staying Cyber Smart presents a ‘hands on’ perspectives and proven practices for staying safe online. Prominent women leaders in the security industry will present on the ever evolving threats of a cyber attack and equip attendees with ways to reduce their vulnerability and increase their awareness.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018
2.5 CPEs
Conference 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Location: Sprint World Headquarters
6300 Sprint Parkway
Overland Park, KS 66251

Happy Hour 5:30 pm - 8pm
Location: Pinstripes
13500 Nall Ave, Overland Park, KS 66223

Speakers and Topics

Topic: Privacy risks using cloud services and social media for business

Rebecca will cover five important areas that organizations need to understand about how using cloud services and social media sites in their business could impact privacy of their employees, customers, and compliance with applicable legal requirements. Rebecca will provide some recommendations to address the associated requirements and risks.

Topic: Incident Response

It is only a matter of time before you may be impacted by a security incident. Being prepared to handle a security incident is just as important as having the right security controls in place to try and prevent an intrusion. When the crisis hits, you need to be prepared and one way you can do that is to have a comprehensive Incident Response Plan in place. Jayne Friedland Holland will discuss best practices and key takeaways for managing and handling a security incident.

Topic: Physical Security

Workplace Violence Prevention & Intervention is essential in creating a safety culture for your organization. But what does this mean for your organization? Theresa will explain how guidelines and standards are developed and how they differ. Participants will be introduced to trends in workplace violence, the General Duty Clause, and recommended approaches to the development of a prevention program.

Panel Discussion

Following the speakers, Trista Mock will moderate a panel discussion where the speakers will be joined by Cheryl Cooper, Krina Snider, Nichole Windholz and Donna Gomez to address questions on the topics above. You may submit questions for the panel as part of your registration.

Spotlight on Security Speaking Series lead Organizers:
Naeem Babri - ISSA KC
Donna Vieira - ISACA KC
Krina Snider - Sprint

Advisors and Planning committee:
Gary Long - ISSA
Nichole Windholz - ISSA KC & WIS
Trista Mock - WIS
Chad  Ray - Netskope